Water Proof Drainage Tiles

Plastic Interlocking Tiles for Outdoor Deck Tiles, floating boat dock walkways, swimming pool decks, shower rooms & locker-room floors

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decking tiles for swimming pool
CWF's Flooring, Inc. boat dock tiles, swimming pool and outdoor decking tiles are water-proof, anti-slip & equally as attractive as indoor tiles.

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Our flexible plastic locker room and shower room tiles are soft on bare feet with superior water drainage.
spa floor tiles
Comfortable and soft tiles are practical around spas & jacuzzi. Add safety and comfort to your indoor or outdoor wet areas.
swimming pool plastic tiles
A must for swimming clubs & schools. Anti-slip waterproof tiles will prevent injuries and lawsuits.


Size : 12.142 x 12.142 x 3/8
Weight: .72 lbs./ sq. ft.
Material: Soft PVC
Support: Surface Supported by 196 Truncated Conical Legs & Gusseted Posts
Locks: 16 Latch Locks: 2 Sides with 4 Female Parts Each and 2 Sides with 4 Male Parts Each

Six pastel colors to choose from. Colors are relaxing and refreshing and will make your swimming pool, jacuzzi or spa a place to recover the life's stress.

Flooring contractors are not needed to install, actually, snap together, the plastic deck tiles. CWF's interlocking plastic tiles are anti-microbial and portable. If below tile access is needed for maintenance be assured this can be executed with ease.

Water-proof tiles platform is raised and sits on 32 points per square foot. This enables easy water-flow below for consistent drainage.

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aaaInterlocking Tile Tabs Provide Assemble Without Tools
 flexible soft tiles
Plastic Interlocking Decking Tiles are
Perforated for Easy Water Drainage

locker-room flooring

The Soft & Flexible Water-proof Tiles are Designed for Bare-Foot Areas:
Swimming Pool Decks, Shower Room Floors and Floating Dock Walkways
Soft Tiles Around a Spa/Jacuzzi Will Add Safety and Comfort
plastic deck flooring
Beautify your patio deck with outdoor plastic floor tiles.


Size : 12.142 x 12.142 x 3/8
Weight: .72 lbs./ sq. ft.
Material: Soft PVC
Support: Surface Supported by 196 Truncated Conical Legs & Gusseted Posts
Locks: 16 Latch Locks: 2 Sides with 4 Female Parts Each and 2 Sides with 4 Male Parts Each

Our SoftFlex swimming pool and spa-jacuzzi floor tiles are comfortable, anti-slip a 'legal' requirement for schools, public and private swimming pools. The six color options are refreshing and cool.

Deck tiles are waterproof, anti-microbial and are easy to assemble, portable and have repair access to in-ground maintenance.

When applied as a shower floor tile be assured that water will flow freely below your feet to enable a secure traction with bare feet or slippers. Outdoor water resistant carpet tiles are another option.

locker room floor tiles
Prevent 'slip n' fall' lawsuits with non-slip locker room floor tiles
dock floor tiles
Floating dock floor tiles for walkways are UV resistant with positive foot traction no matter what type of footwear used.
boat dock walkway tiles
Plastic tiles for boat docks are a safety requirement for wet walkways. Dark color tiles will heat up more than light colors.


Drainage Tiles for Outdoor
Customer, John Paul of Phoenix, Arizona supplied this photo of him using drainage tiles for an outdoor wet area. JP was concerned about placing the outdoor plastic drainage tiles on gravel/dirt ground. The installation process is more difficult. User must place a small piece of plywood under the drainage tile when snap and locking the plastic tabs together. Relocate the plywood to assemble the next tiles. The uneven ground did not hinder the functionality of the outdoor drainage tile on dirt/gravel.

decking tiles made of plastic
Water-proof plastic decking tiles for your patio or deck will add functional beauty and safety to your family and guests.

CWF Flooring, Inc. will meet your indoor & outdoor decking and patio flooring needs. Whether you desire an outdoor decking tile that provides water drainage on your patio deck floor or a home gym for aerobic exercise, we can design a floor for you! CWF Flooring, Inc. has numerous plastic flooring options for outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts for backyards or schools. Plastic interlocking tiles are available in four styles and ten color options with a multitude of applications. Call our sales department now: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 TEXT: 1-323-420-6794

Plastic Flooring Tile Applications

Commercial, Industrial
• Factory corridors • Entrance halls • Showers
• Work stations • Hobby shops • Saunas
• Commercial kitchens • Basements • Patios
• Gym/Fitness centers • Garages • Laundry Rooms
• Marinas • Truck bed • Pool/Jacuzzi
• Laundromats • Stairways
•Skateboard & Roller Blade Flooring

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Other Flooring Options: Temporary Roll able Flooring

Anti-Slip Perforated Plastic Tiles


CWF Mats perforated tiles are ideal for creating a workspace that's clean, safe and functional. With a 1/4" hole, they're very easy to clean, as the perforations catch dust, dirt and other particles that are quickly removed with a vacuum. Indoor Use.

Anti-Slip Perforated Tile Info Sheet (PDF)

Green Tile
Anti-Slip Perforated Tiles
(top view)

 color options

Anti-Slip Perforated Tiles

Anti-Slip Perforated Tiles
(bottom view)

entrance way floor

Our easy-to-maintain perforated tiles resist wear and tear.
The perfect tile for protecting
fragile surfaces.
Resistant to shocks and most caustic products, our tiles are ideal for making boundaries for dangerous work zones.
plastic decking for wet areas
Water proof and anti-slip tiles are perfect for locker room floors.
laundry room floors
Laundry room flooring also!
Description Dimensions under 300 sq.ft between 300 -1000 sq.ft over 1000 sq.ft
Perforated Tile 3/4" 12" x 12" x 3/4" Black = $3.90
Color = $4.80
-10% -15%

2-1/2" square

12" x 21/2" x 3/4"
 Black = $0.99
Color = $1.11

Black = $1.27
Color = $1.38
Tile & trim available from stock in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Terra cotta, Yellow & Gray.
*Other colors available upon request. Minimum order is 20 tiles.
Minimum Order 100 sq. ft./100 tiles
Perforated Tile 12" x 12" x 3/4"
with 1/4" Drainage Holes
$3.90 Black $4.80 Color
Corners 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/4"
$0.99 Black $1.10 Color
Female Trim 12" x 2-1/2" x 3/4"
$0.97 Black $1.17 Color
Equal # of M/F required if edges encircle floor area.
Male Trim 12" x 2-1/2" x 3/4"
$1.27 Black $1.38 Color
Equal # of M/F required if edges encircle floor area.
For an Estimate
Call: 1-661-273-8700






Resilient vinyl "Z" design without backing provides slip resistance in Locker Rooms,
Saunas, Whirlpool Areas, around Swimming Pools and Showers.
wet area anti-slip tiles
  • Resistant to body oils, fungus and mildew

  • UV stable
  • Comfortable under bare feet
  • Promotes safety - water runs through the matting keeping it drier than the surrounding area to help reduce slips and falls.

  • Other options include perforated mats
Type1041 Safety-Walk Wet Area 3200. Approx 1/4" thick
Approx Size wt./lb. each Price
36" wide 62

$73.50 per linear foot (Min Order 10 lin. ft.)

36" wide 20' 62

$983.00 per roll

Get $36.00 off for each mat if you buy 6 or more

Multi-Lock Interlocking PVC Floor Tile

The Multi-Lock plastic decking tiles are interlocking, have indoor application and are easy to clean that is almost stain-resistant, portable and economical. The Multi-Lock plastic interlocking tile tabs are pushed securely to snap lock the interlocking tabs together. The effort is so simple that this can be accomplished by hand, without tools. However, a small rubber mallet is recommended for efficiency.

Beveled edges and corners accent the perimeters with a precision border. Now wonder the Multi-Lock plastic interlocking tile is used at the corporate headquarters in Palmdale, CA. The interlocking tabs are not seamless but are smooth and level from tile to tile. Hence, the popularity is using the Multi-Lock plastic tile for indoor roller blading and skate boarding flooring. Skateboard and roller blade flooring is not the most common application, rather the most common application is for office and warehouse flooring.

The interlocking tabs or jigsaw-like connectors make the design attractive for industrial flooring and basic office floors. So durable and dense that these interlocking tiles can be used for garage flooring.
Multi-Lock Plastic Interlocking Floor Tile

Multi-Lock Interlocking PVC Tile System12 Interlocking Tabs on Each Tile To Ensure a Secure Connection
plastic flooring Blue & White Checkerboard
Designs Look Great!

Interlocking Tile Colors Color Options For The
Multi-Lock Plastic Tiles
Black, Green, Blue, Beige, Red, Gray, Yellow and White.

  • Manufactured from rugged and resilient PVC, Multi-Lock is an injection molded solid vinyl tile.
  • A modular replacement floor system that quickly restores and enhances surface appearance hiding unsightly stains and minor cracks in concrete floors.
  • Whether in large Industrial sites or smaller public spaces, Multi-Lock offer rapid surface installation and exceptional durability in high traffic or heavy load conditions.

Multi-Lock Flooring

Bottom View of Multi-Lock Plastic Floor Tile

red gray black

Tile Surfaces: Coin, Slate or Smooth

 coin texture plastic flooring

Coin Surface Interlocking Plastic Tile showing Push Button Interlocking Tabs

Available in 2 Different Surfaces
♦ COIN♦ Standard raised medallion motif ♦ SMOOTH ♦ Flat surface with a textured mat finish

  • Modular, "loose laid" interlocking floor system allowing for a quick and easy installation requiring no special tools or messy adhesives.
  • Resistant to most harsh chemicals including gasoline, engine oil, anti-freeze, road salt and most solvents.
  • Provides an anti-fatigue surface and reduces cold vapor diffusion for a more comfortable walking or work area.
  • Minimizes plant "down time" during installation.
  • Modular portability allows for easy replacement of damaged tiles or relocation to alternate site.
  • Can be custom cut to fit using a stiff sharp knife, jigsaw or circular saw to adapt to any angle or contour during installation.
  • Ramp edging in matching colors available for entrance ways or edge finishing.
  • Other options include 4 feet wide rubber mats or perforated interlocking drainage mats for commercial kitchens.

Measurements: 19 5/8" x 19 5/8" [50cm x 50cm] - Area:
Each tile covers 2.60 sq. ft. Thickness:
5/16" or 3/16"
Weight per tile: 5/16" 3.85lbs [1.75kg] / 3/16" 3.55lbs [1.60kg]
Packaging: 5/16" 12 tiles per box / 3/16" 15 tiles per box
Function: 5/16" heavy weight load traffic (Ribbed Bottom) 3/16" high foot traffic (Flat bottom)

In other words, if you need 550 sq. ft. then divide 550 by 2.64 and you get 208.3 (tiles)

Description Dimensions under 300 Tiles between 300 -1000 Tiles over 1000 Tiles
Multi-Lock: Full Size 19 5/8" x 19 5/8" x 5/16" thick Black = $7.87
Gray = $7.87
Color = $8.97
-10% -15%
Multi-Lock: Thinner version 19 5/8" x 19 5/8" x 3/16" thick Black = $7.44
Gray = $7.44
Color =  $8.44
-10% -15%
Ramp Edging 19 5/8" x 3 - 1/4" x 1/4" thick  Black = $2.19
Gray = $2.19
Color = $2.47
Corners 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1/4" thick Black = $2.03
Gray = $2.03

Color = $2.28
Multi-Lock: 19-5/8" square x 3/16" thick Per Tile (2.6 sq. ft)
Black $7.44 ($2.82 sq. ft)
Gray $7.44($2.82 sq. ft)
Color $8.19 ($3.15 sq. ft)
Min. Order: 50 Tiles

Multi-Lock: 19-5/8" square x 5/16" thick Per Tile (2.6 sq. ft)
Black $7.87 ($3.03 sq. ft)
Gray $7.87 ( $3.3sq. ft)
Color $8.44 ($3.24 sq. ft)
Min. Order: 50 Tiles
Ramp Edging
Black $2.19 Gray $2.19 Color $2.47
Edges Corners
Black $2.03 Gray $2.03 Color $2.28


A $7.50 credit will be applied for samples ordered below if a purchase is made.

Shipping $7.50 each
For more information, please call: 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 or

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